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“Working with Deborah Miller in renovating our home was nothing short of a life-changing experience.  The end result exceeded even what we had dreamed about.

I am not one who easily turns over control of important aspects of my life to others.  But Deborah’s competence soon won me over.  Her accountability and attention to detail, her understanding and knowledge about the work of the other professionals, and her tasteful personal style allowed us to turn the management and coordination of the project over to her with total confidence.

Deborah began her work for us by asking us how we live – both large things and small things we hadn’t thought about.  From there, she prioritized within space and budget, and recommended design ideas and efficiencies that no one else had ever suggested.   She coordinated the architect, our general contractor, landscaper and hardscapers, and interior decorators, conducting weekly meetings with the team.  She kept us apprised when needed and did not bother us with details when not.  The breadth of her knowledge across architecture, construction, and interior design allowed her to bring a unique set of sensibilities and ideas to the project with a stunning end result.  What we could not see in the abstract, she delivered, and delivered beautifully.

Deborah is professional and delightful to work with.  Her style is clean, crisp, uncluttered, and youthful.  Her work on our behalf has given us a new home which we love and which our friends adore.  We will be grateful to her forever.”

~ Jim, Client, Chevy Chase, MD

“I have had the pleasure to be the builder on several projects with Deborah and I am always impressed to watch her pull a team together to get results. In many projects, it is not clear where the roles of the architect, the designer, the builder and even the client, begin and end. Because Deborah is extremely organized and meticulous, she has a good eye and she thinks around every corner, she fills those gaps and delivers a beautiful home with as few speed bumps as possible. Deborah gives every detail of every project her undivided attention and she makes the home building process easier for everybody. I highly recommend Deborah. She is very good at what she does.”

~ Matt Holmstrom, Nor-son Custom Builders, Brainerd, MN

“When I was moving to San Antonio, I desperately wanted help with my new townhome. I had a lot on my plate, and I needed someone who I could trust and who could work with me long distance. I was truly excited and relieved to have found Deborah. The anxiety of my move was alleviated by her organizational skills and her ability to draw and design cabinetry and closet systems and select window coverings and furniture. Everything had a place, something Deborah works extremely hard to achieve. She also sought out and worked with amazing contractors from beginning to end and she made sure it was all done right. On the very same day that I moved to San Antonio, I was able to settle into my new home. An incredibly stressful time was replaced with gratitude and amazement. Deborah is meticulous and thinks of every detail. She is fair and generous with her time. Needless to say, I love my new home. Thank you, Deborah!”

~ Jennifer, Client, San Antonio, TX

“Deborah Miller was a welcome addition to our construction team. Her ability to keep all the parties involved cohesively organized and on task presented immeasurable value – especially when it came time to make difficult decisions or mitigate changes. She was adept at keeping planning and execution methods focused on shared goals, and stayed committed to keeping the owners connected to the pulse of the project through communicating with honesty and integrity.”

~ Scott Taylor, Taylor Concepts, Inc, Washington, DC

“Waking up in a room designed by Deborah gives you a sense of beauty, calm, and balance.  Subtlety is the essence of her work.  She collaborates with her clients to create a functional space that compliments their aesthetic while improving the flow of their lives.  Her ability to organize and execute anything is legendary among those who know her.  I highly recommend Deborah Miller to lead your design or renovation project.”

~ Vanessa, Client, San Antonio, TX

“Deborah is the Mary Poppins of home renovation! Having someone between the designer and the client whose job it is to make sure that communication is clear and organized creates the ideal project environment – the result for us was a project that met the expectations of all involved. She can think like every player on the team (from the architect to the landscaper to the client), meaning no small part of a job is forgotten. The bottom line is that Deborah is fabulous. She made OUR job easier and the results were clearly gorgeous both from a product AND an efficiency standpoint!”

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~ Lauren Sparber, Jodi Macklin Interiors, LLC, Chevy Chase, MD

“I have worked with Deborah in different areas of my house for many years. She always looks at the project in its entirety to ensure that everything works together in terms of design, color and proportion and then she recommends the appropriate size and scale of the items that would work best in my space and accommodate my needs. After drawing the space and collecting options, she presents her ideas in a timely, thorough and easy to understand manner. When needed, she finds the contractors to do the work and handles the details. She stays on budget and guides me on the items that are worth the splurge. She was available whenever I had questions or needed her. I am so appreciative of everything she has done to help me, and I am beyond delighted with my beautiful home!”

~ Natalie, Client, San Antonio, TX

“It’s rare to find a professional who is as creative, organized, determined and never thrown by the unexpected. Deborah doesn’t see roadblocks when they pop up, she sees solutions to solve them. She is able to build teams which have the exact right expertise in order to achieve stunning results.”

~ Monique Samuel, The Completed List, Washington, DC

“Deborah has a gift for walking into a room and knowing exactly how to make it more livable, more comfortable and just prettier. She is truly one of the most organized people I know. When I am cleaning up my house, I often think what Deborah would tell me. No clutter! If you have the opportunity to work with Deborah on your home renovation, do it!!”

~ Piper, Client, New Braunfels, TX

“Deborah’s ability to imagine the potential for spaces is rare and brilliant. Through her vision, experience, skills, and suggestions, she has helped us transform two rooms from awkward spaces with only slightly more design sense than a college dorm room into beautiful, aesthetically pleasing rooms to which people gravitate and want to spend time. For our most recent project, Deborah gathered some initial information about our style preferences, ideas for the room, color likes/dislikes, etc. and very quickly got back to us with three potential layouts, as well as product recommendations/sources. We were able to pick and choose bits from each of the three layouts, and she synthesized our feedback (both about layouts and products) and produced two new layouts (and sourced some new products), one of which was just perfect. She helped us order the furniture pieces, and we are thrilled with the end product. She is a gem: professional, efficient, gifted in her skill and vision, and so easy to work with!”

~ Joan, Client, Menlo Park, CA

“Deborah’s ability to visualize and reimagine spaces is amazing. Walking through a house, it takes her just a few minutes to transform a gracious but dilapidated estate or a solid but outdated ranch house into a livable and stylish space. She is very focused on how people live and creating homes with a place for everything. With her admirable organizational skills and her experienced eye for what works, every project she touches strikes the right balance of efficiency and classic elegance. It is a pleasure to work with her.”

~ Travis Amaro, Kuper Sotheby’s Realty, San Antonio, TX

“Deborah has such beautiful style. I love her comfortable, welcoming clean and modern look. Deborah was such a help to me. She came into my house, chatted with me about my family’s lifestyle, and then immediately had ideas about how to tie the rooms together and improve them. Deborah worked with colors that I loved and freshened the rooms by re-arranging my furniture and decorative pieces in unexpected ways and adding just a few new pieces to update the layout and look of the rooms. I love my new look. It is fresh and stylish but very livable.”

~ Andie, Client, San Antonio, TX

“If it were up to me, I’d live in a concrete bunker. I don’t notice aesthetics, and I can’t taste the difference between chicken and lamb. Alas, most people don’t appreciate that, so I needed Deborah. She took my sterile, generic, hotel-like home and turned it into something on which I receive compliments. She even recommended artwork! I’m also gruff, direct, judgmental, and not into social niceties. No problem for Deborah. She managed my personality and my lack of taste with ease, and now I live in a place that seems quite attractive to the ladies!”

~ Jeff, Client & Deborah’s brother 🙂

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