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If you want to know what we were thinking about during this renovation read on.

Can you see what we did here? We switched around the meeting area and the desk area. Initially, the couch was highly visible as you entered the office, which did not allow for a lot of privacy. And the desk was tucked away deterring colleagues from popping in with a quick question. Now, the seating is cozy and the desk is front and center.

We strove to meet just that right balance between personal and professional.Instead of mismatched photos piled together, pictures are artfully displayed and mixed with accolades.  The colors are neutral but we added a personal touch with the blueish green chairs and pillows. Not to mention, there is a place to nap during a LONG day!

Books, books and more books!  And these books are not only for show; this executive uses them! It was not simply a challenge to squeeze all of those books into the space, we needed to make them look good and keep them separated by subject. No small task!

Looks like just a desk area, right? Look closer. There’s open storage for easy access and closed storage for the not so pretty items. The U-shape allows for a meeting place, a computer desk and an open area for laying things out. The front of the desk has a privacy panel and we did it all without using hum drum office furniture. Functional and good looking. Thank you Room & Board!

That bookcase under the window cluttered up the area and got in the way of the closet. Instead we added two storage benches.  They can be pulled over to the seating area, if needed, and they also are full of toys for younger visitors.

Oh my goodness, that closet! Container Store to the rescue! We maxed out the efficiency: a countertop and bulletin board for personal items, bins with easy access, much needed long hanging space and rarely used boxes on the upper shelf. So much better!

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