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Avoid Home Renovation Horror Stories

Use a Consultant.

You have heard them.  Horror stories of people who have built or renovated a home are everywhere. They fired not one builder, but two! The renovation took a year longer than they expected. The architect designed a pristine and modern house….with no closets. The original budget was blown in the first two months.  They were at each other’s throats by the end.

Why do people hire me? So that you can live in your dream home without the nightmare of building it.

What is the TESH Project? - The TESH Project Consulting

What is the TESH Project?

Thoughtful, Efficient, Simple, Happy.

A successful home renovation or construction project should be Thoughtful, Efficient, Simple and Happy. How does TESH make that happen? I interpret and coordinate the needs of the client, builder, architect and designer. My focus is organization and I manage a residential project team from planning thru the construction process until the dishes are put away in their pre-ordained spot.

Builders like me because decisions are prompt, change orders are rare, and client expectations are managed. Architects like me because I keep track of all selections and I assist with space planning and drawings.  Designers like me because I help translate the client’s needs, minimize indecision, and shoulder many design details.  Clients like me because their vision is seamlessly translated into their dream home without the aggravation and pitfalls of doing it themselves.

The builders, architects, designers and clients all appreciate that there is one person keeping their eye on the ball: TESH.

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