Project Director

Project Director

Be the owner of a beautiful house after construction.
Let someone else do the dirty work.

Building or renovating a house is a full time job! Combing through the details, making the decisions and powering through the inevitable problems takes time, patience, skill and knowledge. What if you don’t have time, patience, skill, knowledge or even a desire to build a house, but you do want a beautifully designed and well-built home? Well, you call me.

What about the architects, builders and designers?  Is it not their job to build the house? - The TESH Project Consulting

What about the architects, builders and designers?  Is it not their job to build the house?

The easy answer is yes.  But not really.

The owner plays a very important role in the process; the owner is the boss. The designer gives you choices in paint colors but you need to choose one. The architect shows you floor plan options but you approve it or change it. The builder comes to you in the middle of the project explaining that the gas company is requiring a new line or they do not think that the engineer’s drawings require enough support for the structure. Add to this list, you need to assess the costs associated with each decision. Oh. And remember, there is a timeline. You need to factor in the effect of each of these dilemmas on the intended completion date. You might have a great team, but, as the owner, you are still in charge of EVERYTHING.

This makes sense if you think about it for a minute. - The TESH Project Consulting

This makes sense if you think about it for a minute.

The builder is there to build.  The designer is there to design. The architect draws the floorplan and the structure.  What happens when an issue does not squarely fall into one of their buckets? Let’s say the designer buys furniture that is too big for the room? Did the builder construct the room too small?  Did the architect use an outdated draft of the floorplan? Did the designer mix up the furniture order?  And who pays for the mistake? Each party will likely claim their hands are clean. Whose job is it to find a resolution?  Most likely, the owner.  Even better, what if there was somebody keeping their eye on the ball and preventing these mistakes from happening in the first place?

What is my role? - The TESH Project Consulting

What is my role?

My official title hovers somewhere in between a Client Representative and a Project Manager.  This role is common with commercial projects because there needs to be one person representing the interests of the company. With large scale residential projects, home owners now want and need that same level of supervision. Doctors treat patients, lawyers practice law and programmers code. They are doing their jobs well and they want that same level of talent and attention devoted to their most valuable asset, their home!

Clients have described me as the conductor of an orchestra.  It is my job to watch over the woodwinds, brass, percussion and strings.  Is each individual section playing well and are they performing well together?  I am the conductor of the entire team building your house, making sure that everyone is performing and playing well together.

Let’s break it down.

What do I actually do?

Before we even sharpen our pencils, the first step of every project is to completely understand a client’s needs. How do you live? What will make your life easier?  What are your expectations?  How do you like to communicate? What is your style? What is the most important role I can serve in facilitating this project?

From there, we determine the scope of the project.  If I am involved in a project from soup to nuts, I will…

  • Develop a reasonable budget, taking into consideration the ease/challenges of the area, the neighborhood, the client’s space needs, preferences and aesthetics, etc.
  • Work with a realtor, find a lot to build on or a house to renovate
  • Research, interview, negotiate with and select the construction team – builders, interior designers, architects, landscape designers, lighting designers, structural engineers, AV and security professionals, etc.
  • Work closely with the architect to ensure function and flow of the house as well as proportion and style
  • Work with the interior designers to create furniture plans and make selections, incorporating current pieces and art into the décor
  • Use my “Legend System” to incorporate all the details of the project
  • Closely collaborate with the cabinet designer
  • Establish a time line for the project
  • Set expectations for the team and the owner and ensure expectations are met
  • Have weekly calls or visits with the team during construction
  • Exchange regular updates with the client by email, text and/or phone
  • Keep track of the budget and the time line
  • Review all plans, drawings and elevations
  • Address issues as they arise and communicate with the owner, as needed
  • Establish effective avenues of communication for the entire team to ensure a smooth process
  • Monitor progress of each of the team members to keep them on track
  • Hire professional organizers to help clients sift through their belongings, if needed
  • Purchase furniture and fixtures with my personal trade discounts, without charging the client a traditional designer mark up
  • Hire and work with art dealers to select art
  • Install all furniture, art and décor so that the house is picture perfect on move in day
  • After move in, establish a maintenance plan for house upkeep

Not all projects involve every one of these roles.  Some clients already have trusted builders, designers or architects.  Many already have purchased a lot or a house to renovate.  We start where you are and go from there.

Yes, I live in San Antonio.  But I build houses all over the country. - The TESH Project Consulting

Yes, I live in San Antonio.  But I build houses all over the country.

Ah, the power of technology.  Most of my work does not require my physical presence.  I am reading contracts and plans and reviewing specs and sending emails and making calls, all of which can be done sitting at my desk in San Antonio.  Facetime is magical.  I am “there” for weekly construction meetings.  And if the superintendent on the job is not sure if they are installing the wallpaper in the right direction, he calls me on Facetime.

I do spend chunks of time at the site.  How many trips I make depends on the scope and size of the project, client comfort and the effectiveness of the team.  Other than my scheduled visits, I don’t need to be there.  (Interestingly, even on local projects, my communication is almost completely by phone, text and email.) That being said, I am committed to the success of the project and I do what needs to be done to get it right.  If that involves an extra trip, I will be there; no questions asked.

How much does it cost to hire me? - The TESH Project Consulting

How much does it cost to hire me?

I work with two fee structures: hourly and a percentage of the final construction cost.  Expenses are allocated depending on the fee structure.  Because every project is unique, we can discuss which option is best for you.

And one more thing….

When you hire me, you get me.  I am careful about the number and type of projects I accept at one time.  I want to be sure that every client gets the time and attention they need and deserve.  The whole point of hiring me is that I am laser focused on your project.  If I take on too much work, I will not do my job well.  Most of my clients come from referrals and my hope is that every one of my past clients lives in their beautiful, well-built and perfectly executed home singing my praises.

If you are thinking about building or renovating a home and you are interested in learning more about what I do, feel free to call me.  I would love to chat.

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